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Are you curious about what an ADN stands for and how it differs from an AASN? Both the Associate Degree in 护理 (ADN) and the Associate of Applied Science in 护理 (AASN) are foundational programs that prepare students for a career as a Registered Nurse (RN). 这些项目, 就读于佛罗伦萨ladbrokes立博中文版, KY, blend theoretical knowledge with hands-on clinical experience, ensuring graduates are ready for the NCLEX-RN exam and well-prepared for entry-level RN roles.

含义:ADN代表护理副学士学位, 成为注册护士所必需的两年课程.
课程设置:结合通识教育, 专业护理课程, 以及现实世界的临床轮转.
Clinical Experience: Provides exposure to diverse healthcare settings like hospitals and community health centers.
NCLEX-RN Preparation: Incorporates exam-focused training for the licensure test.
Benefits: Offers time and cost savings, job opportunities, and a pathway for career advancement.
Job Demand: The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts strong growth for RN positions, driven by healthcare initiatives and an aging population. […]




通过NCLEX-RN的提示 The journey to becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) is challenging yet rewarding. 最后的障碍之一是通过NCLEX-RN考试. 这次考试是你护理生涯中至关重要的一步. It tests your knowledge, skills, and readiness to enter the nursing field. 但是你如何确保在这个重要的考试中成功呢? How do you navigate the vast sea of study materials and strategies? In this article, we’ll provide you with practical tips for NCLEX-RN preparation. We’ll guide you through understanding the exam, creating a study plan, and managing your study time. ladbrokes立博中文版将[…][…]



Graduating from Beckfield大学 with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in 护理 (AASN) or a 护理学学士学位 (BSN) provides a solid foundation for a rewarding healthcare career. Both programs are designed to prepare students for the challenges of modern nursing, enabling them to pursue diverse opportunities across the United States. Associate of Applied Science Degree in 护理 (AASN) The AASN program at Beckfield大学 is an excellent entry point for those looking to start a nursing career quickly. This program focuses on providing the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for entry-level nursing positions. 毕业生准备[…][…]


Become a Registered Nurse (RN)-Your Guide to a Fulfilling Career!

所以你想成为一名注册护士? Here’s What You Need to Know Thinking about a healthcare career? 你考虑过做护士吗?? Registered Nurses (RNs) are the backbone of the medical field, playing a vital role in patient care. If you’re wondering what it takes to become a Registered Nurse, you’ve come to the right place! 什么是注册护士(RN)? An RN is a licensed healthcare professional who provides and coordinates patient care. They work alongside doctors and other healthcare providers to ensure patients receive the best possible treatment. 注册护士可以在各种[…][…]



探索不同的护理职业机会 The nursing profession is a cornerstone of healthcare. It offers a wide array of career opportunities, each with its unique path and potential. From entry-level positions to advanced practice, the nursing field is diverse. It encompasses roles such as Certified 护理 Assistants (CNAs), 持牌执业护士(lpn), and Registered Nurses (RNs) with Associate or Bachelor’s degrees. Suppose you have any questions about the different nursing career opportunities. We’ll delve into the educational pathways, job roles, and advancement prospects within each. Whether you’re considering a career in nursing or seeking advancement in the field, 这个综合的[…][…]



如何成为一名成功的旅行护士 Travel nursing is a unique and rewarding career path. 它提供了一个专业发展的混合, 冒险, 还有其他护理工作无法比拟的灵活性. But what does it take to become a successful travel nurse? 需要什么资格?, and how do you navigate the world of travel nursing agencies and contracts? 在本指南中,ladbrokes立博中文版将探讨这些问题以及更多问题. We’ll delve into the steps you need to take to become a travel nurse, including specialized roles like labor and delivery travel nurse jobs. 无论你是一名注册护士,考虑到[…][…]